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Bloody Awesome Parents Awards

The BAPS (which stands for Bloody Awesome Parents) Awards recognise and celebrate SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) bloggers who share their experiences – both the highs and the lows – to raise awareness of children and people with additional needs.

Certitude has been one of the sponsors of the awards for the last three years. It’s a brave thing to put your life on display on social media – the commitment of SEND bloggers to share their experiences to benefit others and to make a difference is extraordinary, and Certitude is proud to support these awards.

The awards ceremony took place this year in Leicester on Wednesday 3 November. It was a smaller event than usual given the ongoing impact of the pandemic, but the 100 parents who attended certainly made it a night to remember!

Educating Education award winner – PDA Parenting

We sponsored the Educating Education award. We all know the importance of getting a good education and how hard this has been for many of the people we support and continues to be for young people with disabilities.

This was a strong category won by Danielle Jata-Hall who has a website called PDA Parenting where she talks about her experience of being a parent to a child with autism and pathological demand avoidance.

Amazing knowledge

There was so much knowledge in the room! You can find out more about each of nominees and what they do, and link to all of their blogs, by clicking on the awards categories or finalist lists.

I wanted to highlight a few in addition to Danielle’s website that I think could be really useful for so many of us, as well as people we are supporting and their families.

  • Let’s Talk Autism is a series of podcasts from parents of autistic children. The podcasts cover a range of areas from interoception to ARFIDS (food avoidance) to the police and the autistic community.
  • The inclusive home – Musings on home adaptations, inclusive design & family life is a website by an architect who has a child with a rare condition. It’s bursting with tips, ideas and suggestions about having a fabulous home when adaptations are part and parcel of life.
  • Transport Sparks is a Facebook page for autistic people who love London – and transport! Again info, tips and reviews aplenty about travelling around London.