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Who we are

Our History

image shows people working together to make something in the garden

Certitude's history is not a timeline of services; it's a story about standing for, and doing, what’s right – not for the system, but for the individual.

It’s a journey of building personalised and inclusive support across London. And it’s about love. An unsentimental, unashamed love that means we’re emotionally engaged with what we do.

Breaking barriers: Support for Living – 1990

Our journey began with Support for Living’s mission to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities and mental health support needs in West London. In the early 1990s, our CEO, Aisling – then a passionate Support Worker – played a role in Support for Living’s commitment to supporting people to leave hospital and live independently.

Just as Certitude does today, Support for Living stood for breaking free from outdated practices and doing what’s right for the individual, regardless of their challenges.

Culturally inclusive support: Southside Partnership

Recognising the specific cultural needs of the diverse communities in South London, Southside Partnership set out to address the mental health challenges faced by Black men, ensuring they had access to the mental health support they deserved.

Southside stood for a commitment to inclusivity and the fight against disparities in mental health support. A value that runs throughout Certitude to this day, Southside understood that mental health is not one-size-fits-all, and that cultural nuances play a crucial role in effective support.

Stronger together

Certitude was formed in February 2010, with Support for Living and Southside Partnership joining as subsidiaries. In April 2020, Yarrow Housing also joined the Certitude group, strengthening our position as the leading adult social care provider in London.

Looking forward

As we reflect on our history, we take pride in the impact we’ve had, the barriers we've broken, and the relationships we've built.

By fostering individuality and a sense of belonging, Certitude is more than a ‘care provider.’ It’s a living, breathing movement where individuals are not defined by their challenges, but celebrated for their unique strengths.

We look to the future with an eagerness to build on this legacy, to work together, and to learn and grow as we continue to support the people of London to live the lives they want.