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What We Do

Specialist Support

Bespoke support for people with complex support needs.

Image shows a young woman with profound and multiple learning difficulties smiling

All support teams at Certitude are given training and development to ensure they have the right values and understanding to support people with complex support needs.

However, for some people, it’s clear that a more tailored and resourced approach is needed. Therefore, our specialist support team can offer bespoke support for people with multiple and complex support needs to ensure they have the best opportunity to do the things that matter to them and lead a meaningful, high-quality life.

We understand that for some people getting the right support can be complicated. Without the right support for people with complex needs, day to day life can be hard and as a result, behaviour can become challenging and mental health can deteriorate. If commissioned to do so, our specialist support team work closely with colleagues and practitioners to provide a range of additional support that is bespoke to each person’s needs. This may include specific training and development, or it might be targeted direct support from specialist practitioners to support positive behaviours or communication.

Communication Development

Training and development in a bespoke range of communication approaches including Makaton, Intensive Interaction, visual aids and other communication tools.

Positive Behaviour Support

Training and development to enable colleagues to learn new skills in supporting people with complex behavioural needs without unnecessary restrictions.

We’re flexible to each person’s needs and are always keen to work with partners to further develop what our specialist support team can offer for people.

Our experienced team includes:

  • Positive Behaviour Practitioners and Manager
  • A Communication Development Manager

What does this look like in practice?

We already work with local authorities to provide a range of bespoke commissioned support for people, including:

  • Communication development for support colleagues
  • Bespoke Positive Behaviour Support
  • A full time Positive Behaviour Support practitioner role
  • Positive Behaviour training for support colleagues

Please note: Our specialist support offer doesn’t replace statutory obligations of community health teams and it doesn’t provide clinical input or responsibility.

If you’d like to know more, please contact us for more information.