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Busting myths about living life with a learning disability

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This Learning Disability Week 2023, we asked the Treat Me Right! team to share their thoughts on this year’s theme of busting myths about living with a learning disability.

Berge and Anne are both members of the Treat Me Right! team who have delivered hundreds of Learning Disability Awareness training sessions to professionals. Over the past year, they have spoken at conferences, workshops and consultancy sessions with organisations across London.

So what do they think people still don’t understand?

Lots of people think I’m stupid and I don’t understand things, but we actually speak 4 languages at home – English, Arabic, Syrian and Armenian. I also travelled to Germany and Poland to make a film about people with learning disabilities who died in the Holocaust
Every time I do the interviews for Certitude, the people we are interviewing always assume that I live in one of Certitude’s supported houses. Also, people believe that people with learning disabilities can’t do things, but we can do whatever we put our mind to. I have my own YouTube channel where I write and perform my own poems and sing. I also travel to Ireland on my own every year on holiday.

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