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Certitude’s Response to Easing the Lockdown

Certitude remains driven by its mission to keep everyone we support and colleagues as safe and well as possible during the coronavirus pandemic. We recognise that there are many challenges in coming out of lockdown and as such we will implement any changes very carefully, seeking the views of people where we possibly can and communicating any changes to those impacted by them. Our CEO, Aisling Duffy explains our position on easing the lockdown in the below video. For further information, please read:

Certitude’s Position Statement (PDF)

112 KB | pdf


Easy Read – Easing the Lockdown (PDF)

336 KB | pdf


People across Certitude have adapted with creativity and compassion to the enormous demand Covid-19 has placed on everyone. We now need to prepare for an extended period of living with and managing the threat from this virus. We will do this in a planned and responsive way, adapting as required to new learning so together we can help keep ourselves and each other as safe and well as possible.

Thank you to everyone for your continued adherence to guidance and your ongoing commitment and support.

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