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Embracing the unknown

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It was a challenging start for Magda as she started a new role in the middle of the COVID-19 outbreak. But Magda faced the uncertainties and overcame them with the support of her new team.

Magda, like many others working at our day opportunities, stepped in to work in a supported living house when our day centres had to close due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite supporting people at the Dominion Centre in Southall for almost five years, Magda was worried whether she would be able to use her skills and experience in such a different environment.

Magda spent her first shift shadowing one of the experienced staff in the house in Ealing. She wanted to get up to speed as quickly as possible, so spent her first few days asking the other support workers questions, questions and some more questions!

She told us:

“I want to be useful. I don’t want to just stand there and watch, I want to be able to do all those things myself – and do them to the best of my ability. Over the last few weeks as a Support Worker, I have grown my knowledge, experienced new things and bonded with people. I’ve had so much help from my new teammates and have learned that it doesn’t matter what happens in one week, one month or six, we just need to focus on today.”

While many of us were experiencing lockdown in our homes, maybe getting frustrated or bored, Magda developed an even stronger appreciation for her job:

“I was doing something meaningful; making a real difference to people’s lives. It feels so good when you see somebody you have only known for two weeks start to trust you and allow you to be a part of their life.”

Magda was just one of many staff across Certitude and Yarrow who faced similar challenges during lockdown. We’re proud of how our staff pulled together in thoughtful and remarkable ways and adapted to the uncertainties with care and compassion.