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How we’re making Certitude COVID-19 secure

Aisling Duffy, Certitude’s CEO, has written a statement on how we’re making Certitude COVID-19 secure:

As an organisation, we have put in place new risk management procedures to protect people we support, family members and colleagues in response to COVID-19.

We have collaborated with people we support, family members, colleagues and commissioners to seek solutions together and put the most robust procedures in place. This has enabled us to embed a dynamic and live risk assessment process that captures the needs of everyone.

We continue to take the most appropriate measures to minimise the spread of infection whilst recognising that we sadly cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 entirely.

Please read through our COVID-19 Risk Management Statement to understand the measures in place. It describes the organisational and local risk management measures that help us prevent, mitigate and respond to risks and reduce the spread of infection.

It will be reviewed as circumstances and needs change and develop in the future.