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I’m always thinking of new ideas.

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Jamille talks about his passion for writing spy and detective novels and the albums he enjoys reviewing on his radio show.

I’ve been living in Brixton for over 20 years. Every Tuesday I do the Connected words workshop with Connect and Do. We experiment with loads of writing – poems, short stories, and different writing techniques.

I recently met Jake and others, from Connect and Do, in real life for the first time as we’d mainly been meeting for workshops online during the pandemic. But I met them in person at an Art in the Park session. I’m quite a creative person and enjoy exploring different activities. I was initially doing the 20/20 project with The Young Vic in March 2020. It was meant to be a play, but after lockdown started it was turned into a film. That led to me joining Connected Words in 2020, then art classes and Art in the Parc.

With Connected words we work on a different topic for 2-3 weeks, this last week we’ve been working on connecting to the page. Just writing things down for 20-minute bursts. Mine were bits of rants about things I was thinking about in my life, on the radio or in the news. It can be a good way of expressing your feelings. I do write longer things too.

Since 2016, I’ve been writing about a secret agent character I created called Dean Marshall. I also volunteer for mosaic clubhouse as a member and have written 6 short stories with instalments which have been published in their newsletter called “In the Mo”. I’m now starting to create an expanded adventure into a short novel. I’m always thinking of new ideas. I’d previously written an idea for a TV series based on a detective called Lucy. I then explored the character further to get her and Dean Marshall to meet in one of my previous short stories and now her story has become a separate series of adventures.

I love detective and spy novels. I’ve just finished reading a Jack Reacher book by Lee Childs and I also listen to podcasts about spy stories.
I tend to start my stories by brainstorming ideas and then see where it takes me and do more research if I need to. Once I was writing a story that was about the protection duty for the queen where I researched the commonwealth.

I’ve also written a children’s book about Terry the monkey. I wrote it for my cousins. I used to tell my brother stories about animals, so it just came from that and I did a little bit about it on a children’s radio show with children’s music.

I still do my own podcasts and radio show on Spreaker called Pixel FM. I set it up in 2020. At the moment I’m doing a regular feature where I review different albums from people’s suggestions.

My favourite so far has been the Alt-J album, but I have really varied tastes in music, sometimes I like a bit of jazz, some pop rock and I really like discovering 80s and 90s music from before I was born.

As well as attracting more listeners and getting a new digital mixer and microphone, I’m always looking for DJs or artists that I can interview or feature on the show.

And I’m still working on the next Dean Marshall novel, so I’m going to really push for that to be published this year.

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