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Let's get creative, from Garden to Plate!

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As part of our Support a Skill campaign to inspire people we support to get creative and develop their skills, we have launched ‘Garden to Plate!’

‘Garden to Plate’ aims to encourage people we support to grow fruit, vegetables and herbs, particularly during the spring, summer and autumn months from March to October, and then to get creative in the kitchen by using the food grown as ingredients in their cooking.

With funding from Support a Skill, we are purchasing seeds, plants, gardening tools, soil and compost, cookware and utensils and ingredients for people we support.

So many benefits

Studies have found that gardening can significantly improve health and wellbeing, with happiness levels increasing and anxiety levels decreasing after spending time connecting with nature. Gardening and being outdoors can also stimulate the senses, providing a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Through the project, we want to help to improve people’s nutrition, support people to develop healthier lifestyles and improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

These activities can also improve the environment and surroundings by regenerating the land and combating climate change in the process.

People we support will be able to socialise while gardening or while enjoying a home cooked meal. We also hope this can help increase people’s independence, confidence and sense of achievement.

Fiona's Garden

Raymond's Green Fingers