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Mary’s day at the Royal Garden Party

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With King Charles III’s official birthday approaching on 17 June, we wanted to share Mary’s experience at the King’s Coronation Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace last month.

Mary, along with her sister Anne, enjoyed a fabulous day out! Ron Campbell, Locality Manager in Bexley heard all about it and told us how it went.

Mary’s day at the Palace

“Mary and her sister Anne arrived at Buckingham Palace at 3pm and were taken into the palace forecourt, where they saw all the guests dressed up in all in their finery. Mary told Anne that she was going to meet the King who was going to come and greet her personally!

At the Palace gardens they enjoyed tea, finger sandwiches and cakes as a brass band played, and Mary chatted with other guests and met the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan! Mary and Anne walked by the lake in the grounds and enjoyed the sunshine.

The royal family came out onto the terrace as the band played God Save the King. Mary knew all the words! Prince William and Princess Catherine, Prince Edward and Sophie the Duchess of Edinburgh, and Princess Anne made up the royal party, but unfortunately the King and Queen were not there.

Mary said: “It was good, I liked the band, the drums and the flute, and I liked my green dress”.

At 5.30 there were a few spots of rain, but Mary was prepared with her umbrella. On the way out she spotted several people lining the road by the side of the palace. A steward said that the royal family would pass this way. Mary waited at their spot, right at the front.

The sun came out again and Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh and Princess Catherine walked on Mary’s side of the road with Prince William and Prince Edward on the other. Princess Catherine came over to Mary, shook her hand and asked her name and if she’d had a nice day! Mary was delighted and said Princess Catherine is as beautiful and nice as she seems.

Mary’s sister, Anne said: “I enjoyed the day immensely and was thrilled with how gregarious Mary was with the other guests. Princess Catherine came over to shake Mary’s hand and chatted with her, but photos of the Royals weren’t allowed. I called William the King, and my sister corrected me and told me that would be King one day!”

Photos of Mary:

Image shows a picture of Mary at the Royal Garden Party
Image shows a picture of Mary at the Royal Garden Party