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Show us your socks!

This week is Down’s Syndrome Awareness week. On Sunday 21 March we will be raising awareness of Down’s Syndrome on our social media channels and we need your help! We’d like to share photos of as many staff, people we support, family members and people who believe in the work we do as possible wearing your brightest socks!

Get involved on socials by using the hashtag #LotsOfSocks and tagging us in your photos so we can share them and raise awareness together:

people wearing odd socks

Why socks?

Those of us with Down’s Syndrome have an extra chromosome to those without, and chromosomes can look a bit like a pair of socks.

You can find out more about World Down Syndrome Day here. If someone asks you about your socks you can tell them, “I’m raising awareness about Down Syndrome.” Get yourself informed so you can share accurate information.