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The BAPS Awards 2020!

For the second year running, Certitude is delighted to have supported the Bloody Awesome Parents (BAPs) Awards recognising the achievements in community support.
Working across London as a part of so many diverse, brilliant communities, we know first-hand the impact great community support can make on people’s lives. So, sponsoring the Community Support Award seemed a perfect fit.
At the online awards event on Wednesday 4 November, Certitude’s CEO, Aisling Duffy announced the winner of the award…
Huge congratulations to Wouldn’t Change a Thing!
One of the comments about Wouldn’t Change a Thing demonstrates the impact they have had:
“The team behind Wouldn’t Change a Thing have done absolute wonders for the Down Syndrome community; they are stomping forward in helping to massively change perceptions around Down Syndrome.
They run campaigns that include children from the online community, the campaigns are always done in such a way that it’s fun but very much highlights just how amazing being blessed with a child with Down Syndrome can be.
They are awaiting charity status and have recently produced a book featured children and adults with Down Syndrome. For every copy sold they donate a copy to a setting or new parents, this is going to do massive things for the community as new parents will be gifted a book that isn’t doom and gloom, that highlights what an amazing journey they are just starting.”
Congratulations again to Wouldn’t Change a Thing and to all nominees and winners of the awards last night!