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‘The Magic Pool of Colourful Rays’ Exhibition is open!

The Magic Pool of Colourful Rays' is a new exhibition of art works produced by women at The Beth Centre in Brixton in collaboration with the Connect and Do Community Centre.

artwork by Beth

Connect & Do is all about the importance of collaboration and community; through our weekly art workshops in Brixton, as well as other creative workshops, we constantly see the benefits of creativity and working together.

That’s why we are so pleased to be able to host this exhibition in partnership with The Beth Centre, and support independent art. We’re looking forward to a fun month and encourage anyone and everyone to come along to witness the pieces!

The Beth Centre is a women-only safe space, offering expert support to women at risk, or affected by the criminal justice system.

Two artists, Jessica Scott, printmaker, and Svetlana Atlavina, experienced ceramicist and multidisciplinary artist, were involved in the preparation of the show. The collection of artworks reflects a course of five summer art workshops with Svetlana. Jessica then took a leading role in curating a joyful display of art pieces in narration.

Art workshop participants were encouraged through full hand gestural movements, big strokes to express emotional and muscle memories from previous experiences. The constant flow of fresh creative ideas is shown through the drawings; vibrant colours, compositions and curating. Participants were surprised at how quickly their skills developed; throughout the workshops, the women experienced a new artistic attitude not only for creating art pieces, but also towards collaborations.

The exhibition is open from from 13th February to 13th March 2020 at Connect and Do, 109 Railton Road. Opening times are Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm. Opening night is on 13th February 5.00pm to 7pm.

For more information contact Jade Hanicotte, Community Development Coordinator at