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Thomas’ Story

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Thomas Owen 01

Thomas is an artist, supported by Certitude.

I’ve been drawing for a long time, as long as I can remember. I also love drinking tea, but drawing is special to me.

The people who support me understand that my art is important to me. Wherever I walk, I always have my notepad and pen. It helps me communicate through my drawing.

I like using coloured pens. I like all of the different colours. My circles in my drawings are round like the biscuits I have with my tea, like a wheel. I always start my drawings with a wheel. Then I draw something that inspires me, like my soldiers or jumpers, and then it changes into something else as I do more. I don’t always know what it will become. I often draw jumpers, lots of different types and colours. They’re like soldiers on a parade. I like to draw different things that I like too, like Bob Dylan or food. I love listening to my record player too, I like jazz.

I am a resident artist at ActionSpace and have some of my art on display on many exhibitions in London. I also have a lot of my paintings on display here where I live; these are my special ones. I think my next drawing will be a jet or a helicopter.

“When I finish a drawing, I feel tremendous”

Thomas was supported by Suzana to talk about his artwork. He was drawing during the interview as he said it helps him to talk about what inspires him, and he sang to us too

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“Thomas Owen’s layered drawings depict observations of life… he builds up complexly layered images that explore what is happening around him, things of interest and how he feels.”
ActionSpace Website