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Well done, Aiden!

Aiden, who we support in Richmond, recently won the award for Supported Learning at Richmond College’s 2021 Learner Awards! Well done Aiden!

He said: “It was good! The staff helped me get on the computer, I really enjoy college!”

Aiden’s award is the first to be announced in the video below, created by Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College.

Aiden received the award for his ‘incredible dedication and passion for cooking throughout the lockdown’. He was commended for completing all the assigned tasks and attending all the online classes with a smile and positive attitude, for his impeccable manners, and for being incredibly supportive to his classmates, in particular a new student with language difficulties, and for helping staff to keep the kitchen clean and tidy’.

Mark Cross, Supported Living Manager said: “A massive well done to Aiden, I’m very proud of him. I also want to thank the team who helped maintain his participation on the course throughout the lockdowns and restrictions via virtual lessons”.