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What it’s like to have ADHD

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I was diagnosed with ADHD in my 20s when my five-year-old son was also diagnosed with the same conditions and prescribed Ritalin. I was also diagnosed with Asperger’s – another neurodivergent condition. I was given some basic advice to follow on my own, along with the same information that was available 20 years ago. It wasn’t much.

I’d already been dealing with it all my life, without any medication or support, so I never truly stopped to learn more about it. However, since joining Certitude, I ‘ve learnt a lot more about these conditions. Most importantly, I have finally begun to accept them.

My ADHD symptoms always made me feel different and it’s a relief to finally understand where they come from. It is liberating to learn about mine and other people’s neurodivergence and realise that I’m not alone.

When asked about my ADHD, the first thing that comes to mind is that I never know when I’m going to have a bad day or moment. Regardless of how many coping mechanisms I have created and how well I can manage. I am constantly aware that there will always be times when my brain will just not cooperate. I will not be able to perform as well as I want to.

When it happens it’s a real struggle to deal with the ensuing frustration and anger; at its worst, this can lead to spiralling anxiety or a crippling depression if left unchecked.

On the other hand, I absolutely feel that my ADHD allows me to have a unique perspective on things and to “think outside the box”. It gives me an ability to continuously self-motivate to follow my goals. Most importantly my life experience with it has certainly enhanced my empathy and caring towards others.

Learning more about ADHD

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a neurodivergent condition that affects a person’s behaviour. It is brain-based and mainly characterised by inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. ADD (attention deficit disorder) is a subtype of ADHD that only affects a person’s attention and concentration levels.

While people with both ADHD and ADD may struggle to maintain concentration, those with ADHD can also achieve hyper focus, allowing them to be extremely productive in the correct environment.

Common ADHD challenges

Image shows pictures of famous people with ADHD

Famous people with ADHD

ADHD does not stand in the way of living a successful life. Here are some very well-known creative, innovative, and imaginative people who have ADHD:

  • Albert Einstein: Theoretical Physicist
  • Cher: Singer/Actor
  • Emma Watson: Actor/Activist
  • Jamie Oliver: Chef
  • Jim Carrey: Actor
  • Justin Timberlake: Singer/Performer/Actor
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: Artist/Inventor
  • Mozart: Musician/Composer
  • Ryan Gosling: Actor
  • Walt Disney: Animator/Writer/ Film producer
  • Will Smith: Actor/Singer
  • Actor/Producer/Rapper

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