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Yarrow and Certitude come together

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In April 2020, two outstanding providers of adult social care, Certitude and Yarrow, merged – despite the restrictions of lockdown.

The detailed plans which both organisations had put into place ahead of the final contract signing meant everyone involved was well-prepared and the process went smoothly.

Throughout the merger, our priority was the people we support and, with the impact of COVID-19, keeping everyone safe became paramount. It had been planned so that operational staff would be largely unaffected by the merger process and this proved a successful strategy. As an additional benefit, we were able to bring the very best skills and experience from both organisations together to collaborate and respond to the pandemic dynamically and effectively.

Shared values

Raj Mungur, Head of Service with Yarrow, was deeply involved in the merger and believes that the shared values of our two organisations make a huge difference:

“Yarrow and Certitude have run alongside each other for many years. We are familiar with one another’s work and we have a similar outlook. As a relatively small provider, Yarrow has very much appreciated being part of a larger organisation during this challenging time. Raj Mungur, Head of Service with Yarrow

Of course it’s disappointing not have been able to celebrate this collaboration as we had hoped, but technology has come to the rescue and we have all been surprised at how well video calls have brought a sense of togetherness.

Looking to the future, we will continue to harmonise our support offerings and I am excited to be able to offer Certitude’s pioneering programmes like Family Support and Intensive Support to people in Yarrow. And of course, it will be fantastic being able to meet our new colleagues in person – hopefully in the not too distant future!”