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We are More Than a Provider

Image shows front cover of More Than a Provider document with a diverse group of people who draw on social care smiling

Certitude is partnering with five other support providers to call for a change in social care. Together, we are known as More Than a Provider.

Working together, we aim to influence those in power to make good decisions about issues that affect people drawing on and working in social care.

Who makes up More Than a Provider?

The other providers that make up More Than a Provider are Brandon, Dimensions, Choice Support, MacIntyre and United Response.

These are all social care providers, funded primarily by local authorities, to provide a range of support for adults, children and young people, including those with learning disabilities, autistic people and people with mental health support needs.

Collectively, we support 12,000 people and employ 21,000 colleagues across England and Wales. We hope that our combined expertise means that government ministers and decision makers in all political parties will benefit from our experience and specialist knowledge about what people need to be able to live the life they want.

What are More Than A Provider’s aims?

More Than a Provider was formed as a result of the Social Care Future movement that aims to make sure everyone has the chance to live a ‘gloriously ordinary life’.

We know that the reforms needed to make this happen already exist in law, for example in the Care Act 2014, but we are yet to see them implemented. Some of the other changes we need to see are yet to be agreed by government.

Together we want to make sure that the future government:

  1. Introduces a minimum benchmark for social care pay at NHS Band 3
  2. Introduces a pay progression framework for social care
  3. Introduces national standards for outcomes-based commissioning
  4. Ensures statutory inclusion of voluntary and community organisations in Integrated Care Boards
  5. Implements the Hewitt Review’s recommendation for consolidated health and social care budgets
  6. Includes supported housing in local planning targets
  7. Introduces a ‘kickstart’ equivalent for employing young people with a learning disability and/or autism

Proposal for the future of social care

To find out more, you can read our full proposal for the future of social care here:

More Than A Provider’s policy proposal

We will be sharing this proposal with people interested in social care locally and nationally to raise awareness of the changes that need to be made.

We know that what we are asking for is reasonable, achievable – and would enable people to live the lives they want.

What next?

  • We will meet with decision makers to talk about the policy proposals and find out how the More Than a Provider partners can support politicians to make good decisions about social care.
  • If people we support and colleagues wish to share their experiences, we will support these people to meet with politicians before this year’s general election.
  • We will speak to journalists about our policy proposals and share stories to raise awareness of what we are asking for.

We believe that with our combined experiences and specialist knowledge, together we can make positive change happen.

If you are somebody we support or a family member and would like support to talk to your local MP about your experiences, please contact us using the form below.

Join the campaign

MTAP Policy Proposals

More Than a Provider - Policy Proposals for the Future of Social Care

Read the More Than A Provider’s policy proposal here.

6 MB | pdf


Find out more

To find out more about the other providers that make up More Than a Provider, follow the links below:


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