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Preparing for Interview?

Initial Interview stage:

We've created a quick guide to help you prepare for your initial interview with Certitude.

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Coproduced Interview stage:

Dependant on the role you’ve applied for, you may also be invited to a coproduced second stage interview.

But what is a coproduced interview?

A coproduced interview stage means that the people we support are involved in choosing the tasks and activities that they want to happen during your interview. They will also help choose what questions will be asked.

All of this will help them, and your potential colleagues, decide who is best suited to support them in their home.

I feel that I have choice when it comes to who supports me and the support I need
Christopher talking about being part of coproduced interviews at Certitude

Case Study: Coproduced Interviews at Yew Tree Lodge

This is a typical example of how second stage coproduced interviews work.

  • Before the interview: activities and questions are suggested by people we support, who know they will be meeting someone who might be their future support worker and are keen to be involved.
  • Time taken: the coproduced second stage interview takes a total of 45 minutes to one hour.
  • Welcome and tour: the candidate is welcomed, and has an informal conversation with James (the deputy manager) that includes talking about their background and experience. They’re given a tour of the house with introductions to people who live there as well as the Yew Tree Lodge colleague team.
  • Witnessing: the candidate is able to observe routines such as a support worker giving medication to someone.
  • Activity: the candidate joined in doing some colouring with a person we support.
  • Activity: the candidate supported someone who doesn’t communicate verbally with preparing and cooking their lunch.
  • Questions: Colleagues and people who live at Yew Tree Lodge asked the candidate the questions they had prepared in advance.
  • Afterwards: colleagues and people who live at Yew Tree Lodge talked together about how it went to help decide if to recruit the candidate.
This was the best part, and it helped me to be confident I could work there and have a better understanding of the team and the people we support
Seibatu talking about her coproduced interview

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