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Certitude Excellence Awards 2022

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The annual awards recognise the exceptional and inspiring work from colleagues and teams during the past year.

We welcome nominations from families of people we support, so if any individuals or teams have gone the extra mile supporting your family member or you, please let us know by nominating them.

Nominations will run until the end of October.

This year, we have new categories that represent each of the Golden Threads themes that people we support, their families and colleagues across Certitude told us really matter to them.

The categories explained:

We make a difference
This person or team goes the extra mile to ensure people are living the lives they want to lead. Regardless of their role in the organisation, they do what it takes to make a difference. They often get feedback from their colleagues, people we support, their families and external partners/professionals that they are making a real difference in people’s lives.

  • Colleague Award
  • Team Award
  • Leader Award

We are inclusive
This person or team works with others to affect change for the better. They recognise the challenges people face, include them in finding solutions and take action. They may demonstrate examples of co-production, a strength-based approach and/or a commitment to diversity and inclusion that sets them apart.

  • Colleague Award
  • Team Award
  • Leader Award

We work smart
This person or team has adapted to change in an exceptional way. They are champions for new ways of working that benefit everyone. They have demonstrated the adoption of technology and/or systems in a way that makes it easier to support people to live their best lives.

  • Colleague Award
  • Team Award
  • Leader Award

The People’s Choice Award
The People’s Choice Award is a new category where the winner is chosen by their colleagues.

The Michael Rosen Award
The Michael Rosen Award is the ultimate accolade, in memory of Michael Rosen and presented by his wife, Shelia Rosen.

How to nominate

Please email your nominations for the person or team you feel has performed outstandingly during the last year in any of the award categories.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • Your relationship to the person or team you are nominating
  • The name of the person or team you are nominating
  • The category and specific award you are nominating them for
  • Details about why you are nominating them. Please include as much information as possible to help your nomination stand out.

Email your nomination to

Nominations will close at the end of October.

Winners will be announced at the Awards event in December.