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Community Support

The Gate

The Gate is our creative studio for adults with Learning Disabilities, based in the heart of Shepherd’s Bush, West London.

Some of the people we support at The Gate are already artists, writers and performers in their own right. Others are taking their first steps in exploring their creativity.

Our Approach

The team at The Gate are professionally trained artists and musicians who take a therapeutic approach to creative expression. Together we’re supporting people to explore their individual creative talents and projects, and to work together on collaborative projects with the local arts scene. Weekly activities are driven by what each person wants to achieve creatively.

This can include an arts show, a live concert, a book, a radio show, a music CD, or a theatre show. We have a big presence in the creative community. People know who we are and what we’re about, and truly appreciate our artists, introducing their work to mainstream galleries and music venues.

We regularly collaborate with community partners including:

  • Café Oto
  • Fantastic Toiles
  • Heart and Soul
  • Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Local colleges and schools
  • Resonance FM
  • The Lyric Theatre

Why is creative expression important?

Creative expression is an important part of how we all communicate with the world, providing an alternative for people who find traditional forms of communication challenging. Having opportunities to develop our own creative language is one of life’s great equalisers.

For the people who come to The Gate, it goes much further than being an interesting leisure activity. It’s often a lifeline, an opportunity to connect with others. It’s about developing friendships and a deeper purpose in our communities - being able to express thoughts and feelings. It’s beneficial for their mental health and wellbeing.

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