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Kendrick's Story

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by Lily, Peer Supporter | Names and some identifying details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

I met Kendrick after they were referred to the Community Team by a care co-ordinator at the hospital.

Kendrick was referred to SIAC following several suicide attempts, polysubstance misuse, housing related issues and gender identity issues.

Our first meeting was in a café. At first, Kendrick was incredibly shy and very wary about talking to me, but just having someone to listen and offer emotional support meant that they started to relax and engage.

It also helped being in the relaxed, neutral setting of the café in an area they were familiar with. I noticed straightaway that this young person was very astute with a can-do attitude. They were smart with clear goals, and together we began to create an action plan so that Kendrick could see a way to achieve their goals and aspirations.

We listed their goals in order of priority, working with the GROW model – a coaching model that Kendrick really liked. One of their top priorities was to find somewhere to live.

Kendrick had no permanent place to stay and needed somewhere that suited their needs, was in an area that felt right for them, and was shared with good people they could get along with.

After that, Kendrick wanted to focus on getting a place at university, as well as some other goals that enhanced their self-esteem and helped them connect with others. We spoke about all of these things and more. I supported Kendrick in their goal setting. Above all else, I listened to what they had to say.

The second time I spoke to Kendrick, that can-do attitude was out in full force! They had really leapt on the challenge of achieving their goals and put so many of the things we talked about into action. It was a huge transformation, and in all the emails, phone calls and texts between us since, Kendrick has been so excited about their plans.

Kendrick has found somewhere lovely to live that’s perfect for them – in the area they wanted to live and with great people. I saw them go from strength to strength after that, planning trips away with friends and meeting up with family members, which had been challenging in the past. Everything just came on in leaps and bounds.

Kendrick has not only seen that it’s possible to achieve their goals but is consciously and passionately making them happen. They have found a place to call home, attends a weekly drug and alcohol wellbeing workshop and started university this September to study Art.

I feel humbled that I was able to support Kendrick to find their own way. I can’t wait to hear all about what Kendrick’s been up to. This is why I do this job.

“I’m excited about going to university and about having my own place. The house is beautiful with a bunch of great house mates. I’m all settled. The support I received was fabulous.” Kendrick, supported by Solidarity in a Crisis