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Mr & Mrs C’s Story

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Told by the team at The Orchards | Names and some identifying details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Mr and Mrs C were referred to The Orchards at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. During his assessment, Mr C said he was happy with staying at the Orchards, but the final decision would be made by his wife. The Orchards is a shared living arrangement and Mrs C expressed concern that the couple wouldn’t be able to stay in a self-contained flat together.

The team at The Orchards talked through Mrs C’s concerns, who was happy that she would be able to have meals and snacks with her husband in the kitchen, as well as meet in the garden. Both agreed on the arrangement, and the couple moved into The Orchards.

Before coming to The Orchards, Mrs C had instances of starting fires at the couple’s previous home, and it was important for both Mr and Mrs C to find somewhere to live safely and happily. The team supported Mrs C with daily one to one talking sessions, where she was able to open up about her feelings of anxiety and reflect on the consequences her actions had on other people.

“The team at the Orchards taught me how to manage my emotions. They would always say, let us have a chat about what happened and there was always a cup of coffee. I love the staff and their friendly support.” Mrs C, person supported at The Orchards

Mrs C spent 80 days at the Orchards without any fire incidents. Instead, she became The Orchards’ very own energy saver, making sure that all electrical sockets and light switches were switched off when not in use.

“The Orchards gave me an opportunity to become closer to my wife.” Mr. C, person supported at The Orchards